The Oravital® System is a tremendously effective treatment for periodontal disease and halitosis. Many patients have had success with this safe and non-invasive approach to a fresher, healthier smile.

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It’s simple! When a patient visits an Oravital® Certified clinic, the dentist or dental hygienist will conduct an oral exam and will ask them about their medical history. This will help them to determine if the patient is at a higher risk for experiencing gum disease and/or bad breath. The dental health professional will take samples of bacteria from the tongue, teeth and throat using a gentle swab. The samples will then be sent to a lab, and a microbial analysis will be performed in order to detect any harmful bacteria that could be contributing to the problem.

If the report determines that the patient is hosting harmful disease-causing bacteria in their mouth, they’ll be recommended an Oravital® antiseptic or antibiotic rinse – specially designed to terminate these nasty germs. The patient should use this special rinse for approximately two weeks until the mouth bacteria returns to a balanced and healthy state.

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

After the initial phase, a patient will have a follow-up dental appointment to evaluate the health of their mouth and ensure that the treatment is doing its job. In addition to using the system, a patient must remember to practice a thorough daily oral care routine at home, and should never skip out on professional dental cleanings and check-ups. The patient can also take advantage of the Oravital® maintenance rinse to help further reduce the risk of recurring gum and breath issues.

Our Recommendation

A patient should go for Oravital® microbial testing at least once every year to make sure that their mouth bacteria is still in balance. There is always a chance that infection could return, so it’s important to keep the bacteria under control by monitoring and managing these conditions as necessary.

Fenworth Dental in Hamilton, Ontario is an Oravital® Certified Clinic.

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